Waiting From the Divine In the Sky?

In each of us lies a spark of Divinity, an element of the cosmic dance, making us participants in the Divine materializing.

We are not merely passive observers in this grand cosmic dance, but active co-creators.

Begin your search inward, for you are an embodiment of the Divine itself!

The material world we see, touch, and experience is but a fraction of reality. It’s like the tip of an iceberg, visible yet hiding the vast majority of its true self.

Beyond the tangible, there exists an intangible realm, a domain that transcends matter – we call this the Source Reality, God, and many other names.

This Source Reality is not a distant, unattainable concept.

It resides within you and me, interwoven with our very being.

It isn’t mystical or elusive; it’s as real as your heartbeat, as present as your breath!

Imagine the Power that binds galaxies, the energy that fuels and explodes stars.

This Energy isn’t confined to the far reaches of the cosmos – it’s within you, and me, waiting to be discovered, understood, and utilized.

So, instead of waiting for and bending in reverence to an external deity, recognize the Divine essence within you.

You and I are not just a drop in the ocean, but the entire ocean in a drop.

The Universe isn’t out there, it’s within YOU!

Start exploring!

Life is like a dance… always choosing between the light and the dark!

Adequate DANCER knows it and always aims for a balance between the TWO.