ASMR – Crystal Energy Attunement

(This session is open to established clients only.)

If you are new to So Subtle Therapies please reserve New Client Sound Therapy first. At your first session, we will determine the best therapy approach and most suitable sessions for your next visit.

This therapeutic session is for anyone seeking an alternative and unique way to restore harmony and balance to the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual body.

ASMR – Crystal Energy Attunement

(Coming soon – end of October 2022 )

This session could be partaken individually or with a partner, with whom you feel comfortable letting go fully.

Please allow up to 3 hrs for this session.

What is ASMR?

According to Wikipedia:

Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR), sometimes auto sensory meridian response, is a tingling sensation that usually begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine. A pleasant form of paresthesia, it has been compared with auditory-tactile synesthesia and may overlap with frisson.

ASMR signifies the subjective experience of “low-grade euphoria” characterized by “a combination of positive feelings and a distinct static-like tingling sensation on the skin.” It is most commonly triggered by specific auditory or visual stimuli, and less commonly by intentional attention control.

Stimuli that can trigger ASMR, as reported by those who experience it, include the following:

  • Listening to a softly spoken or whispering voice
  • Listening to quiet, repetitive sounds resulting from someone engaging in a mundane task such as turning the pages of a book
  • Watching somebody attentively execute a mundane task such as preparing food
  • Receiving personal attention
  • Listening to tapping, surfaces such as plastic, wood, paper, metal, etc.
  • Hand movements and hand sounds
  • Listening to certain types of music
  • and many more

A 2017 study of 130 survey respondents found that lower-pitched, complex sounds, and slow-paced, detail-focused videos are especially effective triggers.[20]

ASMR – Crystal Energy Attunement Therapy combines various ASMR sounds including Crystal Singing Pyramids, Crystal Harp, Crystal Tuning Forks, Crystal Singing Bowls, Chimes, Drum tapping, Rain sounds, and more.

Each session is designed specifically for your individual needs at the moment. All sessions are designed to help you thoroughly relax your nervous system and transmute any stored unprocessed emotions.

During this session, I intuitively align and harmonize your whole energy field while immersing your entire body in the most delicate, relaxing, and soothing sounds.

When the body is completely relaxed and the right frequency is applied in the area of disharmony, it is capable of easily releasing stored unprocessed stress, trauma, and limiting beliefs. This may be experienced as tingling in the body, twitching, jerking, burping, yawning, etc. Everybody is different and release will present itself differently each time, depending on the cause and longevity of it being stored.

My goal is to help gently guide you during this process and to assist you to stay open, receptive, and feeling safe.

When one discharges the “energy blocks” the body will start to integrate and restore itself almost immediately. This process enables you to see and understand life more clearly with more compassion, kindness, and ease.

Don’t let this natural release process discourage or stop you from rediscovering your True Self and unveiling all the gifts and talents you came into this world with! 😁

ASMR – Crystal Energy Attunement is a deeply calming and liberating form of therapy for anyone with severe stress and emotional and/or physical pain.

(Coming Soon – October 2022)

All So Subtle Sessions is a hands-off physical body therapy. All therapy is performed in your energy body to which your physical body responds.

Before and after your sound therapy session:

Please allow up to 3 hrs for this appointment.

Do not schedule on a day when we might be feeling rushed or attending a major event. Make this day your day of healing.

It’s not advised to operate your vehicle for about 20-25 min. after each Sound Therapy session. Hot herbal tea/water and rest time will be provided to you after each session.

For your sessions please wear comfortable clothing without any zippers, buttons, or belts. A T-shirt, yoga pants, joggers, or sweatpants are perfect for this session. All sessions are done entirely clothed lying down on the massage table/floor mat or sitting down in the chair. You will be asked to remove your shoes, so please wear or bring a pair of socks for your comfort if you like.

Drink plenty of water before your sessions as water hold sound-conductive properties. To help the body eliminate toxins released during the therapy, hydrating with sufficient water after appointments is highly beneficial.

Grounding/Earthing daily is essential to help the body discharge an energetic field and to bring the body back into its natural state of flow. It’s suggested you find some time after each sound session to Earth yourself outside.

Because we are encouraging the flow in the body, sometimes a person can have a response that looks like a detox. Epsom salts bath or foot soak for 25-40 minutes after therapy can help decrease such a response.

Be sure to schedule time for yourself after your sessions. If you can, take time after your appointment and go for a walk outside or get a cup of your favorite drink and just be. Be gentle with yourself, allow emotions to surface, and don’t judge yourself, regardless of how you need to process.

Each individual will go through a different experience during and after the session. Documenting your discoveries can be a good tool for your next session. Come into the session with the intention that is important for you at the time.

It’s beneficial to write down what you have experienced after each session. Start a journal if you like. Notice what has changed in your internal and external world. Become mindful of your progress and shifts.

Go into your first sessions with an open mind—Trust your gut and don’t be afraid to sit with some discomfort, especially initially if you have been unconsciously suppressing longstanding emotions. But don’t let this frighten you away from unveiling the most amazing gift within you.

If you would like to continue your self-healing at home I can suggest healing instruments, particularly tuning forks that might be beneficial to support your journey. I prefer tuning forks as they are very precise in frequency and their ability to always travel with you. We can discuss the best options for you during your visit and how to utilize them as well.

Healing is a process that involves love and compassion… be loving and kind to yourself and you have just started the process! 😊

I am looking forward to meeting you and I am grateful to have this opportunity to be able to assist you on your healing journey!

Irina 🙏

If you are still not sure how you can benefit from this session or any other sessions provided at So Subtle, I would love to hear from you. You can schedule a complimentary over-the-phone consultation here.