-Chakra Tuning-Energy Centers Balancing

“Tuning forks create a resonance throughout our mind, body, emotions, and ‘etheric’ body. As such, they are powerful tools to facilitate balancing and healing. “

Chakra Tuning – $102(60+ min)

(Established Clients Only – Please Reserve Chakra Tuning Therapy after New Client Sound Therapy Session.)

Chakras are the primary centers of energy in the body. They are centers of force found throughout our body, through which we receive, transmit, and process life energies.

The chakras are responsible for meridian energy distribution; they are of incredible significance in healing, as they are the primary ‘electromagnetic’ energy system of the body.

When our Chakra Energy Centers become overloaded we can feel stuck and sluggish, struggle toward a healthy self-image, have difficulty taking action, feel powerless or victimized, increased need to hold grudges, and fear speaking up, and saying what we want or feel.

Out-of-balance energy centers can also accentuate a struggle to find meaning in life and often ask yourself, “Why am I here?”

A healthy body is in perfect harmonic balance. When the body is out of balance tuning forks can be used to bring about major, positive shifts in the energy patterns within and surrounding the human body.

In this session, harmonic Tuning Forks are used to assist static energy release and to help guide your body to coordinate with all Chakra Centers.  This is an extremely subtle but profound approach to restoring a harmonious flow of energy across the chakra system.

During tuning fork therapy, a restorative process of resonance occurs. As the correct frequency is focused on various parts of the body, new patterns of balance are laid down that essentially can erase old patterns caused by the unfavorable resonance of ill health.

The body or body area will only take in and absorb whatever vibrations are required at the time. Chakra Balancing therapy is a very safe and gentle form of sound therapy to use, even on children.

When our energy centers are balanced we experience a persistent sense of well-being, peace, and centeredness.!

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Please wear comfortable clothing without any zippers, buttons, or belts. A T-shirt, yoga pants, joggers, or sweatpants are perfect for this session. All sessions are done entirely clothed lying down on the massage table or sitting down in the chair. You will be asked to remove your shoes, so please wear or bring a pair of socks for your comfort.

Drink plenty of water before your sessions as water hold sound-conductive properties. To help the body eliminate toxins released during the therapy, hydrating with sufficient water after appointments is highly beneficial.

Grounding/Earthing daily is essential to help the body discharge an energetic field and to bring the body back into its natural state of flow. It’s suggested you find some time after each sound session to earth yourself outside for 20-30 min.

Because we are encouraging the flow in the body, sometimes a person can have a response that looks like a detox. Epsom salts bath or foot soak for 25-40 minutes after therapy can help to decrease such a response.

~Please allow up to 2 hrs for your appointments. It’s not advised to operate your vehicle for about 20-25 min. after each Sound Therapy session. Hot herbal tea/water and rest time will be provided to you after each session.

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