COVID-19 Update & So Subtle Policy

I encourage all clients, friends, and loved ones to get informed and stop living in fear!

We are in the midst of a high stakes INFORMATION WAR unlike anything ever seen in human history. Censorship is rife. Oppression of FREE SPEECH is now commonplace.

We have two choices:

1. To accept it, to acquiesce, to comply, and hope for better days OR

2. To educate ourselves, openly debate, challenge the given narrative, and shape a better world for future generations


Dr.’s, and scientists are now speaking out on the dangers and risks of extended face masks wear and misconceptions of COVID Pandemic.

Please visit WFA International Organization of medical Dr.’s, Biologists, and Lawyers for Covid awareness, education, and your rights.

For the reasons mentioned earlier, So Subtle does not enforce face masks during the therapy sessions and your therapist will not be wearing a mask.

If you have any further questions please me call @ (916)936-3787