COVID-19 Update & So Subtle Policy

I encourage all my clients, friends, and loved ones to get informed and stop living life in fear!

Please visit WFA International Organization of medical Dr.’s, Biologists, and Lawyers for Covid awareness, education, and your rights.

Dr.’s, and scientists are now speaking out on the dangers and risks of extended face mask wear, its lack of effectiveness on viruses spread, the hazard of COVID Vaccine (which is not a vaccine at all), and misconceptions of “COVID Pandemic”.

Dr. Lee Merrit Interview | Understanding Covid—Understanding-Covid-:e

True Science Behind The Masks and Virus Protection–TRUST-THE-SCIENCE!:7

For the reasons mentioned earlier, So Subtle does not enforce face masks during the therapy sessions. Your treatment room will be equipped with a humidifier containing an antimicrobial essential oil blend (to prevent the viruses from lingering in the air) and you will be resting on the negative ion therapy matt. (positive ions accelerate the rate of death in pulmonary infections and with influenza virus.)

If you feel uncomfortable I strongly encourage you to learn more about Covid Virus and Mask protection. Due to possible health risks and no protection from viruses spread your therapist will not be wearing a mask. If you have any questions please me call @ (916)936-3787