What should I know before booking a session?

A session at So Subtle is not a replacement therapy for any professional therapy that you may be undergoing. It is a compliment to your already existing wellness routine.

I am unable to diagnose, prescribe, treat, or cure any illnesses that require medical or psychiatric attention.

Each session is detailed specifically for your individual energy needs by incorporating sound frequency, light frequency, Bioacoustics, and Bioenergy combined.

I meet you with the sound at the stage of healing you are at right now.

Each session is built upon each other as your body releases more “energy blocks” and is ready for a new level of release.

One who helps another(one) accelerate her/his awareness, which leads to greater levels of understanding, liberation, self-empowerment, and harmony.

As an integration companion, my job is to assist you in seeing grander possibilities and unlock the doors to an abundance of natural gifts within you.


I love working with children of all ages!

Prior to reserving a session for your child, please reserve a 15 min. call with me to go over details for your child.

  • Increased sense of calm and well-being along with a sense that all is right with the world. 
  • Reduction in physical and emotional pain
  • Deeper and more restful sleep
  • More harmonious home environment
  • Some refer to it as the “ liberation of the soul”
  • Heightened awareness and acceptance of life circumstances
  • Personal transformation – improved relationships

The number of sessions depends on the emotional rather than the physical complexity of the condition. After just one session you might find that enough emotional charge has been lifted and the body can promptly start to heal itself. For more deep-rooted or chronic imbalances a number of sessions are required.  

One of the biggest advantages of sound/energy sessions is that people respond very quickly to just a few sessions. It is one of the fastest healing techniques I have ever experienced or known.

Emotional and to some degree spiritual shifts are normally felt instantly.

You should expect distress levels to change instantly but acute conditions may require more healing time. Even if multiple sessions are required you should anticipate feeling different from the first session onward.

Healing is a process and it requires patience, love, and compassion. One should never rush it and be kind to oneself.

It’s always best to supplement your energy as a daily practice at home by any means suitable for you.

Some of my clients gravitate to using tuning forks as an addition to their already established practices like Yoga and Meditation.

Some choose Singing bowls or other similar instruments.

If you choose to incorporate sound frequency as your daily practice I can proved you with some guidance on how to utilize the tools you have.

If you choose not to invest in any manual tools, other options are available, and we can explore them together during your visit.

But I do strongly believe personal healing expediates only when we intentionally and consciously get engaged with the process.

(The most important tool is you!)

Distant healing is a term that refers to an energy healing session where the practitioner and the client are not in the same room together.

Some So Subtle sessions can be conducted over a distance, completely without verbal communication.

While it may seem unusual that a practitioner can help someone so profoundly over a distance, consider that vibrational energy healing does not involve any physical contact or direct connection between practitioner and client even during an in-person session.

Distance/remote sessions are just as, if not more effective for some people, as in-person sessions. Some clients feel more receptive to the session and prefer being completely alone during this healing process. In the realm of the spirit, there is no time and space.  Through concentrated prayer, we will connect with the Creator of All That Is, and the work is directly facilitated.  

Many clients report sensing the distance healing session as if they were with me in person.

Following any particularly in-depth energy balancing session, you may experience symptoms of physical detox throughout the coming days, especially if the physical body is in poor energetic condition. This will lessen with each passing day and with each following session. This is a normal response that can vary in intensity.  

These symptoms could be avoided or greatly reduced by staying hydrated prior to and after the session, walking outside barefoot, moving your body-especially stretching your body, and/or taking a 20 -30 min Epsom salt bath or foot soak after each therapy session.

Can So Subtle Therapy conflict with the Medications I am currently on?

Your energetic field modulates with each session. Some clients report that the medications they are taking become too strong, in some cases very early into the sound+energy therapy.

I am not a medical professional and I am not licensed to advise you on your medication regulation.

Let your medical provider know that you are undergoing alternative therapy and want to monitor your meds.

Hydration before and after each session – is especially important!

For your sound healing sessions wear comfortable clothing without any zippers, buttons, or belts. A T-shirt, yoga pants, joggers, or sweatpants are perfect for these sessions. All sessions are done entirely clothed lying down on the massage table or sitting down in the chair. You will be asked to remove your shoes, so please wear or bring a pair of socks for your comfort if you like.

Drink plenty of water before your session as water holds sound-conductive properties. To help the body eliminate toxins released during the therapy, hydrating with sufficient water after appointments is highly important.

Go into your first Sound Therapy sessions with an open mind—Trust your gut and don’t be afraid to sit with some discomfort, especially initially. After all sound and energy therapy is a process of unveiling parts of yourself that possibly have been neglected for a very long period of time. And this uncovering can feel uncomfortable to some individuals, especially in the beginning.

Be sure to schedule time for yourself after your sessions. If you can, take time after your appointment and go for a walk outside or get a cup of your favorite drink and just be. A 20-30 min Epsom salt bath after the session will help with grounding and detox.

Journal, draw, paint, sing, dance, do a random act of kindness, be gentle with yourself, allow emotions to surface, and don’t judge yourself, regardless of how you need to process.

I see Universal Wisdom – in Everything and Everyone! I don’t subscribe to any one religion.

Even though I never suggest my beliefs to anyone, my work always reflects these beliefs

I grew up Christian, and I always had questions from a very young age. Well, many, many questions…

Sound and mindful living allowed me to reunite with parts of me I forgot, and overlooked(out of fear) for so many years.

I am thrilled to be able to share my life passion and purpose with you! – Irina