What Should I Know Before Booking a Session at SoSubtle?

A session at So Subtle is not a replacement therapy for any medical treatment you may be undergoing.

All energy equilibrations at So Subtle are unique to your circumstances and are complementary to your already existing health routine.

I urge you to seek appropriate care for your mind and body.

By booking a session @ So Subtle you agree with the website disclaimer.

Do You Offer Group Sessions?

Currently, I offer one-on-one and couples nervous system sound equilibration sessions.

I also offer small group painting workshops – Exploring Through Mandala Healing Art.

What Benefits Do Your Recipients Report?

  • Increased sense of calm and well-being.
  • Improved capability to notice and feel emotions without letting them take over.
  • Reduction in physical and emotional pain.
  • Deeper and more restful sleep
  • More harmonious and resonant home and work environment.
  • Many, report heightened awareness and acceptance of life circumstances.
  • Some describe it as the “ liberation of the soul”.

Research shows us that sound healing might be able to help with:

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

The number and frequency of sessions will depend on the emotional and physical complexity and health of one’s elimination organs.

The 5 main organs involved in the elimination process are the liver, kidneys, lungs, intestines, and skin. These organs work together seamlessly to ensure our body can endure our environment.

For many sound therapy is a preventive healthcare routine.

Do You Provide Support in Between Sound Sessions?

We are all at different stages in life, and some will require more assistance than others. For individuals needing additional support, I offer integration support.

I strongly recommend getting as much support as you can during difficult times.

Who are Your Clients?

They come from all walks of life.

They arrive and remain curious, genuine, and willing to better their body, mind, and spirit and enrich their lives!

Are You a Licensed Medical Specialist?

I am a certified healing arts/alternative medicine practitioner – Sound Integration Companion.

What is a Sound Integration Companion?

One who facilitates a safe space for someone going through the integration of a particularly challenging life circumstance, utilizing sound as a medium to reestablish safe communication within the body.

What Qualifications Do You Have to Facilitate Safe Sound Sessions?

My knowledge includes over 27 years of independent studies of philosophy, psychology, religion, occult, neuroscience, somatic, and polarity practices, including many other health and wellness systems.

I’m a Forever Student of the Nervous System, Neuroscience, and Sound Healing Practices.

My background encompasses personal internal battles and the ability to face, understand, and safely integrate them with the help of sound, self-inquiry, and self-awareness.

Do you work with Cancer, Autism, Parkinson’s, PTSD, etc.?

I work with individuals’ energy imbalances, physical and mental distress comes in many forms and shapes and has many names.

“Heart disease, diabetes, addiction, and mental health issues have all been linked to stress and tension. Poor mood and elevated anxiety are linked to increased incidence of disease”

Do Not disregard medical assistance if that’s what you need and require!

Are There Side Effects After Sound and Energy Sessions?

Following any particularly in-depth energy-balancing session, some may experience physical detox symptoms throughout the coming days, especially if the physical body is in poor energetic condition. This will lessen with each passing day and with each following session.

These symptoms could be avoided or significantly reduced by properly hydrating before and after the session, walking outside barefoot, moving your body (especially stretching), and taking a 20 -30 min Epsom salt bath or foot soak after each session.

Can Sound and Energy Sessions Conflict with the Medications I am Currently On?

Your energetic field modulates with each session.

Some clients report that the medications become too strong, in some cases very early into the sound therapy.

I am not licensed to advise you on your medication regulation.

Hydration before and after each session is essential if taking Rx medication!

Will my Insurance Cover the Cost?

An insurance company will rarely cover sound or vibrational therapy, it is considered alternative medicine and does not qualify as traditional medicine and is therefore not covered under most health plans.

In recent years major health insurance companies (BlueCross BlueShield and Priority) are starting to cover acupuncture and massage therapy, which are also considered alternative medicines. Because with acupuncture and massage therapy physical contact is made with the patient’s body, some insurance companies will incorporate them in their coverage.

Sound healing and vibrational therapy are not tangible and are much harder for the insurance company to cover the expense.

What are Your Spiritual Beliefs and How do they Relate to the Work you Do?

Because I reside in the most diverse and versatile “melting pot” of religion and spirituality country, this is one of the most frequently asked questions I receive.

And understandably so, we all prefer to work with people we can resonate with on many levels, including spiritual opinions.

I respect everyone’s belief system and see Universal Wisdom – in Everything and Everyone!

I don’t subscribe to any one particular theology or anyone’s religious books and systems and I choose to exercise my freethought.

Even though I never suggest my beliefs to anyone, my work and life always reflect these views.

My goal here at So Subtle is not to tell you what you should or should not believe but to communicate, empower, and propose you challenge unhealthy conditioning and reawaken the Strength that lies dormant within each of us!

How to Prepare For My First Session?

All sessions are conducted entirely clothed lying on the massage table or sitting in a chair.

A T-shirt, yoga pants, joggers, or sweatpants are perfect for these sessions.

The more comfortable you are the more receptive your body will be.

Go into your sessions with an open mind!

Trust your gut and don’t be afraid to sit with some discomfort, particularly in the initial stages. After all, it’s a process of unveiling parts of yourself that possibly have been neglected for a long time. And this uncovering can feel uncomfortable to some individuals, especially in the beginning.

Emotions and traumatic events are stored in our bones and tissue, and sound can free up stored stress. Proper hydration and grounding are key here! Water will help escort out the released stress.

If you can, take some time after your appointment to walk outside and just be.

After each session, gently stretch your body and ground yourself.

A 20 -30 min Epsom salt bath – can help with grounding and ease uncomfortable detox symptoms.

Journal, draw, paint, sing, dance, do a random act of kindness, be gentle with yourself, allow emotions to surface, and don’t judge yourself, regardless of how you need to process.

I offer integration support over the phone or in person if you require assistance between sound sessions.

Can I meet with You Before Reserving My First Session?

I offer over-the-phone consultations for individuals seeking additional information before committing to a full session.

If you prefer an in-person meeting I offer an Introductory Session where I allow time for inquiries and for you to experience a 30-minute Relaxation Session.

What is the So Subtle Cancelation Policy?

So Subtle Healing Arts Studio operates on a “by Appointment Only” basis.

cancelation Fee is applied if a sound session/integration appointment is canceled within 48 hours.

Reserve the First Session or Meet with Me Here

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