New Client – BioSound Therapy

If you are under the care of a Medical Doctor, I would love to work side by side with him/her on your healing journey. 

I offer complimentary consultations… You can contact me here

New Client BioSound Therapy 60 min $85

This visit-includes new client consultation and post-treatment home care***

***All New Clients: Because long term health can’t be sustained without your engagement, a complimentary set of Healing Frequency and instructions on how to utilize them in-between visits, will be provided right after your 1st BioSound treatment – to keep your vibrations going strong until I see you next time. 🙂

BioSound therapy is beneficial for those who are currently undergoing rigorous stress and seeking a holistic way to calm down their nervous system. 

In BioSound Therapy session, I combine sound and BioEnergy* to promote deep relaxation and help assist the body’s natural ability to restore itself.

Each session designed for your individual needs at the time. Following a full Biofield/Subtle body assessment and localization of energy blocks by employing a VoiceBio print, you will receive:

  • A sequence of harmonic sounds produces by healing instruments like singing bowls and tuning forks for deep relaxation.
  • The BioEnergy technique for energy rebalancing and energy flow.
  • VOGEL® Quartz crystal in the areas needing amplification of the energetic flow and to provide profound infiltration.

You can learn more about Vogel crystal research – This page is dedicated to the research work of Dr. Marcel Vogel

I am delighted to work with you and support you on your healing journey!

Initially, it is beneficial to receive at least five BioSound or BioEnerygy treatments, 3-5 days apart, to integrate lasting change in your health. After that follow-up session can be scheduled as needed.

BioSound therapy is suitable for most individuals with localized ailments or in requirement of overall energy reset.

Please wear comfortable clothing without any zippers, buttons, or belts. A T-shirt, yoga pants, joggers, or sweatpants are perfect for this session. All sessions are done entirely clothed lying down on the massage table or sitting down in the chair. You will be asked to remove your shoes, so please wear or bring a pair of socks for your appointment.

Make sure to drink plenty of water before your sessions as water hold sound-conductive properties. To help the body eliminate toxins released during the therapy, hydrating with sufficient amounts of water after appointments highly beneficial.

Because we are encouraging the flow in the body, sometimes a person can have a response that looks like a detox. Epsom salts bath or foot soak for 25-40 minutes after therapy can help to decrease such a response.

~Please allow 2 hrs for your appointments. It’s not advised to operate your vehicle for about 20-25 min. after each BioSound Therapy session. Hot herbal tea and rest time will be provided to you after each session.

*BioEnergy – is a renewable source of energy from the Universe-Creator-God and is available to all of us. In the BioEnergy session, a trained practitioner employs energy flow techniques by placing activated hands with Bio-Energy lightly on or over a client’s body to promote the process of healing.

Some medical insurance policies will cover sound treatments. Check with your insurance provider to see if you have coverage for Alternative Medicine Treatments.