N.O.W. Tone Therapy Anywhere You Go!

N.O.W. stands for New Origin Waveforms—unique, created in-the-moment sequences of peaceful tones based on the ancient Pythagorean tuning system used for sound healing. In just 3 minutes you’ll feel re-focused, re-energized, and ready to face the day’s challenges more calmly.

I highly recommend this remarkable device as a potent, transformational gift for people who can’t or won’t meditate, or don’t want to take the time; or for anyone who does meditate, but enjoys different ways to achieve calm, centered, and focused awareness.

From a clinical standpoint, this is a treatment of choice for trauma survivors who are too easily triggered by a human voice guiding them in meditation or imagery.

N.O.W. speakers will help kids or adults with ADHD to sit still, focus, and settle down. 

I also find it helps people with sleep insufficiency to access deep, restorative sleep.

I challenge anyone to try and resist the N.O.W. Tone Therapy System’s gentle superpowers – see if you can stay tense and cranky after 3 minutes of experiencing its magical pings.

  • Why 3 minutes? n.o.w.’s aural neuromodulation tone sequences are very effective in just 3 minutes. Experienced meditators say n.o.w. gives the benefits of a 30-minute meditation session in just 3 minutes. This length makes it quick and easy for you to enjoy 3 minutes of mental self-care, twice a day.
  • Is this a sound machine? No, n.o.w. is not a white noise or sleep machine. n.o.w. stands for New Origin Waveforms—pure sine wave tones that shift your focus to a calm, relaxed state in just 3 minutes.