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“I am so happy I found So Subtle, Irina is full of knowledge and experience. Every appointment is an amazing, relaxing, and transcendent experience. I finally feel like I am on the right path towards healing.” Somerlan E.

“Sound therapy is a very gentle way of unfolding years of trauma, abuse, anxiety, and many other issues. Irina is kind, loving, and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend her and this type of therapy.” Ana M.

“My session at So Subtle was amazing! This truly is a magical place to experience. Irina has an impeccable sense of intuition knows exactly what note your individual body needs, and knows just where to play it near your body. I feel like I must tell people that you need to experience this for yourself. On the other hand, I also want to covet this information and save it all for myself, but it truly must be shared with as many people as possible. I promise you will never regret experiencing these sessions for yourself. They are true magic!!” Nichole H.

“Always an eye-opening and life-enriching session. Thank you!” Chris D.

Irina is friendly, informed, and welcoming. She provides a safe space that allows you to address your specific needs. She also encourages questions and responds with thorough answers, which is greatly appreciated! Deonca P.

I’ve been here a few times. Irina is amazing, so calming and sweet. Every session leaves me feeling so calm and centered. Jeff G.

“It was an excellent visit. I have enjoyed every minute of therapy!” Gabriela L.

As always, Irina has captured the magic of the spheres! Her balanced healings are certainly orchestrated from the heavens! I say these words with sincerity as she taps into something otherworldly to create a harmonic resonant specific to your body. There are no words to describe the total body effect you will experience. This is a unique experience for each individual. You simply must experience this for yourself!” Nicole H.

“Irina was so knowledgeable and such a pleasure to work with. The process was informative, relaxing, and expansive. My vibration was certainly elevated by the experience and seems to have cleared the way for more internal peace. I’m so grateful I found another way to work with my energy and access the healing power of my body through Irina and her masterful and loving ways.” Jen M.

“My appointment with so subtle was amazing. I was able to really let go, and go deep into relaxation and let the healing happen. Highly recommend.” Carrie K.

“Had a really great first session with Irina! Her perspective on life is beautiful and her gift profound!” Carmellee M.

“I cannot express how much Irina’s sound healings do (and can do) for one’s body. They are beyond words, and I am grateful for each session. My only regret is that I do not live closer to such a sublime healing session. I can, however, totally recommend trying this kind of healing at least once.  You will certainly be hooked like I am. I totally appreciate such a divine session. They are totally from another realm!” Nicole H.

“The session blew my mind. It was unlike anything I had done before and it gave me some incredible and unexpected insight into myself and my life. Irina was very grounded, connected, and professional. She was an excellent guide.” Ben A.

“Irina was amazing, totally relaxing experience!” Jeff J.

“Irina is a gifted beautiful soul!” Stacey C.

I had an exceptional experience! I cannot give this a high enough rating, truly! I want to share it with the entire world about how amazing of a healing experience this is!! On the other hand, I am selfish in the sense that I want it all to myself . . . because I know once the word gets out how healing this is, many will want more it for themselves.  This is the ultimate best healing experience, SERIOUSLY!  I highly recommend it!” Nicole H.

“Another wonderful appointment. I always feel great and totally relaxed after a session with Irina.” Jeff G.

“Irina delved into deep-seated aspects of my energy system. The changes are still emerging days after the session. She is a natural healer and angel in disguise!!!!” Sudesh S.

“Irina is a delight and so knowledgeable. From the moment I walked in the door, I felt right at home. And it just got better from there! My session was enjoyable and relaxing from the start. I look forward to coming back again and again!” Norma S.

“I thought the experience would be with less sound. I was totally immersed in sound. Very healing to my body and I felt I unlocked hidden events that stayed locked in my body. I’ve had 2 treatments and the next day I noticed areas that had chronic discomfort were gone. We are all in vibration and sound therapy transmits the vibration that is healing. Irina is knowledgeable and great at this craft. I’d recommend her to anyone for the results I’ve had.” Susan S.

“Excellent value for the art class, you get a practice run and a rock to decorate, plus a doodle book and a 7 color in one type pen to keep! Irina was an excellent teacher and a gracious host with an incredibly cozy studio. Class is in her hallway by the door, so bring a jacket or dress extra warm if you tend to get cold.” Rochelle B.

“This is the best passive relaxing therapy I’ve had. Bigger than that I’ve had great results. I believe we are vibrating beings so doing this therapy has been a powerful shift on a body level. Plus Irina is very knowledgeable.” Susan S.

“Irina has a wonderful room where she does amazing things in the world of energy healing.”  Katie M.

“My session with Irina was delightful! The combination of sounds, vibration, and light helps me relax as I never have before. She helped me release energy I’d been holding onto since birth and feel comfortable doing so, no easy feat! This was my 2nd session and I will definitely be back for more!” Norma S.

“Irena is such an amazing healer!”  Judith C

“The Mandala Painting class was so much fun, I can’t wait to practice at home and I will be taking another class or two before I move out of state.” Sherry A.

“Kind, a teacher, respectful and knowledgeable. I’d recommend Irina many times over.” Susan S.

“Irina is quite amazing. She is very grounded and present and always manages to stay one step ahead of her customers’ spiritual development so she can guide them. The sound healing is different every time and is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. Get ready for a mind and heart-opening vibrational experience and coaching that will lead you to new insight and perhaps a new level of spiritual development in your life.” Ben A.

“Amazing experience!!” Veronica N.

“It’s simply amazing, it can be intimidating however trust yourself, trust Irina, and the process. It’s such a joy to have a therapist like Irina who’s kind and compassionate in everything that she does. Highly recommend her and this amazing modality to unwind years of stuckness and trauma.” Ana M.

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